Patrix Global Partner‚Äč

Thanks so much for your interest in this project, and also for your desire to genuinely want to be a part of this great project through your investment. I promise, we don’t take this for granted, and we honestly deeply appreciate you!

As you have read in the previous page, the membership plans come in different levels, and each level has its own unique benefits, with the least being the bronze member, and the highest being the gold member.

Bronze Membership requires a minimum of 500,000 naira investment, Silver Membership requires a minimum of 2.5 million naira investment, and Gold Membership requires at least 7.5 million naira investment. The investment can be done in a single transaction or done in bits, depending on your financial capacity.

As mentioned earlier, your share in the profits generated by this project is proportional to the amount you have invested. And your FREE ACCESS to the property is dependent on your MEMBERSHIP LEVEL. 

Your physical membership card will be shipped out to you once your investment is confirmed, while a digital version will also be sent to your email. The physical version might however take a little bit of time to arrive, depending on your location.

Also, for the sake of accountability, we would like to keep you informed about the progress of the project. You’ll get updates in your email as the project progresses.

That said, please fill in your name, email, and phone number in the fields below, in order to sign up as a partner, and then you will receive a call from us to conclude the process.

Alongside all the unique benefits that come with each membership plan, all membership plans allow you to get dividends on profits, that are proportional to your investment plan.