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Thanks so much for your interest in this project, and also for your desire to genuinely want to help us out. I promise, we don’t take this for granted, and we honestly deeply appreciate you!

If you would like to reach out to us after making your donation, you can simply come back here and click the whatsapp button above.

Also, we’ve got a special Charity Badge specifically for people who donate towards this project. We will send out a digital copy to your email as soon as your donation is done. And if you also would love to have a physical version of the Charity Badge, we will send that out to your physical address too. This might however take a little bit of time to arrive, depending on where you reside.

Also, for the sake of accountablitiy, if you would like to know about the progress of the project and how well we are putting your contributions to use, you’ll get updates in your email as the project kicks off.

Please Note:

For security reasons, please, do bear in mind that this online payment system only allows you to give a maximum of a thousand dollars. If you would like to donate more than a thousand dollars, please click the WhatsApp button above.

That said, please fill in your name, email, and phone number in the fields below, in order to proceed to the payments page.